Posted by: Craig | September 25, 2010

Living Real

I’m sure it’s happened to you. Reaching that point where you know you need to make a change.

I feel it.  Call it the extended midlife crisis. Whatever! I’m feeling the need.  The need to escape the waste and craziness of this big, dangerous, dirty city.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. She’s nurtured me from birth. But now I want to break free from her clutches. It’s time to find adventure – maybe even live off grid?

Hi! This is me:

Taken at the top of the arch of the spectacular Moses Mabida Stadium, Dec 2009.

My name is Craig. I’m hoping to make this off grid thing a sustainable and even profitable lifestyle.

This blog is a start.

I’ll be documenting my search for a little piece of heaven right here! I’m thinking of one day settling in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. But this will take time, thinking and lots and lots of hard work.

My aims are to establish a small eco-tourism operation with minimal or preferably no impact on the immediate enviroment.

I’m imagining a plot with a quaint period house and additional authentic Xhosa-styled tourist accomodation. Some motorcycles and mountainbikes parked outside, glaring at the mountains on the horizon.

The distant fragrance of the Indian Ocean filters through the browning fynbos from the east. On the western horizon squat the muscular ridges of the Langkloof and yet further west rests the terracotta Karoo. To the south lie the rich green forests of the Tsitsikamma and beyond the haze in the azure north beckons the world’s premium right point break at Jeffrey’s Bay. Few places on earth offer such contrasts within less than 100 kilometres.This is where I want to live and prosper.

But I have a long way to go. I need to find a suitable property, stock it with the correct items and launch the business.

Please join me on my journey. Become a fellow traveller! Offer advice – it’ll be keenly accepted. Or just drop by for a chat!





  1. Craig,

    I applaud your efforts and wish I could do the same. Still stuck in the maze chasing a paycheck and pension. I have it good but would like to go remote for a while. I’ve looked at being off the grid in the past but don’t have current info.

    Just mostly stoppin’ by to say good luck and I’ll live vicariously through you.


  2. Thanks Ken

    This would be remote but not too remote.

    Lots of work still to do!



    Talked with this guy recently about sustainable food supply. I like the idea and it’s pretty compact and low maintenance. Might work for your needs.



    Craig – met with Tim & Sandy yesterday. Great people and had a system up and running in their yard. Almost fully off the grid… just waiting for a solar panel to power the pump.

    Great production and some mods to grow “starter” plants (which can be marketed) or used for crop rotation.

    Tim has his General Contractors license and is using that to get some bigger projects.

    Anyway, hope the planning is going well.


  5. Hey Ken

    Sounds interesting! Wish Tim and Sandy luck from me.

    I visited the area I’m interested in recently and will post some pics and a write-up.

    Also doing more sums and web research :/


  6. Just saw that link now. Gracias, bud!

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